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A Dynamic Team of Excellence- Professional, Experienced and Efficient Marketers

Here at Marketing Eye New York we pride ourselves in taking the time to filter through employees to only employ exceptional workers who are professional, experienced and efficient marekters. Building a team of exceptional human beings that have extensive experience in marketing, graphic design, branding, web development and online marketing is our most important job. That means we are committed to taking our time and doing thorough checks on every person we employ.

Led by Marketing Eye's founder Mellissah Smith, our management team strongly embraces the values of innovation, strong leadership, working cohesively to communicate and providing support to one another.  

Each manager that you will meet over the next couple of years will epitomize all the values of the company. They will be strategic appointments that will be invested in by the company to produced the best results.

We believe in strong leadership and work, life balance. We share experiences and learn from mistakes, taking each lesson with us on our journey to being the best small business marketing firm in the world.

Things you should know about our management team:

  • We are really smart and know how to articulate your brand and ours
  • We challenge the status quo and always put our best foot forward
  • We create magic through using the talents of our teams and the indepth knowledge of our clients to deliver marketing campaigns that work
  • We don't waste time and believe in efficiency. That means that we will educate you on how you can maximize your investment in Marketing Eye
  • We are geeks and you will find us up at 1am in the morning some days tweeting away or writing blogs
  • Our management style is based on understanding what it takes to get the most out of our people, while delivering them with a work place that is conducive to life happiness and fulfilment.
  • We don't waste time entering awards. We believe our work and the results of our work speak for itself. There is no ego-driven accolades required for this talented team who continue to amaze the firm's board of directors.

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