Aligning Your Partnership Correctly
We’ve all been there, when you buy something at a cheaper price and later find out that you made a very bad choice. Whether you are buying a product or a service, quality comes at a price. The perfect storm of ‘cheap and efficient’ hardly ever coincide. The same theory applies for marketing, invest in a marketing team that cares about you, not your contract.
What Transparent Marketing Looks Like
Ever felt like your marketing firm is keeping you in the dark? This is probably occurring because they do not want you to know what they are doing or how well their efforts are performing. We’re going to look at a few ways to establish a open, honest, and transparent relationship between you and your clients.
Why 50% of Businesses Feel That They Don’t Know Their Target Audience
The problem we often see today is the lack of knowledge businesses have when it comes to knowing their target audience. When asked, 50% of businesses feel that they don’t know their target audience. This is a crippling statistic for the fact that one of the most important aspects of having a successful business is knowing, understanding and engaging your target audience. When businesses understand their target audience they save time and money. This is because they are focusing their marketing efforts on someone who is most likely going to buy their product, therefore they are getting the most value out of their budget.
Winning The PR Battle

Winning The PR Battle

Feb 09, 2017 Written by
The world of public relations can be summed up as chaotic, wild, and tedious. Don’t get me wrong, public relations is an excited facet to the marketing mix, but it isn’t for everyone. After having several press releases published, let’s take a look at a few key takeaways from my recent experiences with publications.
What About Outsourced Marketing?
What are some reasons why you would shy away from looking into an outsourced marketing firm? Is it cost? Is it a bad experience previously? Or is it simply not trusting anyone outside the confines of your business?

Marketing is one slippery slope to take on. No matter how much time one can invest in understanding marketing, there will always be more to learn, especially with technology leading the way and evolving ever so relentlessly. With that being said, let’s take a look at some common problems that businesses come across when outsourcing marketing.
Maximizing Your Potential
Finding the right balance between work and play can be one of the most challenging feats to achieve for both businesses and for professionals in the workplace. Many times it seems as though we find ourselves on either side, either too focused on work, which affects our personal lives and relationships. And on the other hand, we may get too wrapped up in our personal lives that we let it affect the way we work. In this article we are going to take a look at what drives this work-play balance, and what it could do for you.
Sales Before Marketing
Feeling confident in your sales process? If not, it might be time to examine your sales and pipeline process. Far too often we see businesses have great marketing and lead generation success, but end up with no real customers. Fortunately, we are going to examine what a proper sales process looks like and how it can feed your lead generation and lead conversion rates.
The Misguided Generation
The world is filling up with people who are quick to jump at conclusions and ascertain their own opinions with little backing. This has led to a rather volatile and uninformed movement by the younger generation. Being a millennial myself, I want to examine why this shift is taking place and how we can turn this ship around.
5 Ways To Reinforce Good Advertising Strategies
You have already created the ad script, the ad objectives, and the ad design...and you’re probably thinking “once this gets posted we are all set to start seeing results”. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. In most cases, developing an effective ad is much more than just aesthetics. In this blog we will examine 5 key drivers of best practice advertising.
It's Time to Blog!

It's Time to Blog!

Jan 10, 2017 Written by
We recommend for all of our clients to have a blog page on their website, as well as to write blogs regularly, and post them on their social media accounts. We have been asked many times by clients why this is beneficial, and why they should take the time to do this. Read on to find out why!
6.25 Hours of productive marketing outcomes for small businesses
The end of the year is here, so we have no time to waste. If you are anything like me, you are determined to hit the big time next year and the only way you can do that is to prepare and have everything in place.
Challenges can make or break us
Every person experiences challenges, every single day without exception. It's how we handle these challenges that really define us and give us the power to move forward in a positive way, learning from experience and not being defined by it.

When faced with a problem, we often think it may be in fact insurmountable, but the truth of the matter is that no problem cannot be overcome other than perhaps a health issue. For everyone problem we face, a solution is also readily available - it's just seeing the situation clearly, and finding the right solution for the best outcome.

"I am who I am because everything that has happened to me, not in spite of it."

I live in a world where I see my glass as half full, and yet sometimes an obstacle comes my way usually in the form of someone disappointing me, that I end up wondering whether this really is the case. Is my life full of promises or are there things set up to challenge and sometimes break me? I'm sure most people have felt this way at some time or another.

Living life with positive affirmations and caring about people, even if they perhaps don't care about themselves or others, has always been a choice I have made. I am the person who gives money to the homeless person on the side of the street knowing full well that they may buy the wrong things with that money - because I care, that just maybe it will put a smile on their face.

I have given away more money than my net worth would dictate in comparison to those who promote in the media their philanthrophy when they are worth hundreds of millions or even billions. I do this not for recognition, but because I believe that what I have in life is enough and I need for nothing more. Money doesn't define me and anything that revolves around capitalism causes much distaste in my mouth. It isn't what I believe to be a good way to live life.

When a challenge comes my way, I sometimes crumble before I see that it is just a 'thing' and nothing is insurmountable. There are ways around everything, and sometimes its just best to forget about it. Silence can either be a good call or a sign of no respect. When people deserve respect and are good people, whatever challenge is in front of you, you should always sit down with them and have the open, honest conversation. 

That should always be the first resort.

When I am personally faced with a challenge, I try to see the forest through the trees:

  • Is the challenge really that big?
  • Who does the challenge actually affect and what are my obligations to those who are affected by the challenge?
  • What are the probable solutions and what is the cost to me personally or financially to fixing the problem?
  • What example will I lead by facing the challenge head on?
  • Will the challenge be the 'making of me'
  • Can I learn from the challenge and can it make me a better person, better boss or better friend?
  • Why has this challenge occured and how can I either deal with it better next time, or minimize the chances of it happening again?
  • Is it life threatening? If not, does it really matter or can I ignore and move on as it is really someone else's problem?

In general, challenges can be painful or enlightening. They can show us what we are made of, or what makes us crumble, only to get back up and move forward in a way that has better purpose.
Global expansion is our top priority in 2017
It's been a fantastic start to December with Marketing Eye spending much of its time on developing our strategy for global expansion. We are excited by the prospect of fast-tracking our expansion and focusing on delivering a better service, to more clients across the globe.
Release Your Creative Side
Have you ever felt like you are caught simply doing what is trendy or routine? Once success is trending in an area, everyone flocks to it. It might be time to separate from the pack and find your creative side, especially when it comes to marketing. Here are a couple ways to ignite the imaginative side of your brain:

Not Everyone Is A Marketer
Have you ever walked up to an electrician and told him “I think you should cross those two wires?”...the answer is probably no. Why is this? Because in that situation you are not qualified to make that sort of suggestion and he is the expert. However, in many businesses - especially small ones, everyone offers up their ideas freely on what marketing should be doing.

Here are 3 reasons why you should not let this happen to your business:

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