Integrating technology into your marketing strategy is vital in today’s world. When developing marketing campaigns, our team looks at how the campaign will work in all mediums – from direct marketing to mobile. By integrating social media, web and e-marketing to your mix, you will reach your audience more quickly and efficiently.


The Marketing Eye creative team is one you won’t find elsewhere. They provide a fresh perspective when it comes to branding, and then extend their abilities to marketing collateral, web design, and more. Working closely with our marketing managers, they bring a creative eye, while keeping your marketing objectives and brand values in mind.


We work with our clients on an ongoing basis so that we can become part of your team, working cohesively and maintaining a transparent relationship. You will have a marketing manager who is dedicated to your account, backed by a team of specialists to add value to your business’ marketing initiatives.

All In House

Our clients benefit from a team dynamic. With a no-outsourcing policy, the Marketing Eye team brings a wide range of skills to the table, working closely together. We collaborate on work for our clients, bringing multiple viewpoints and opinions in order to reach the ideal solution.


Our Company

Marketing Eye is disruptive by design. We go into businesses with change in mind.

Disruptive, innovative and intuitive – Marketing Eye is a world-leading Marketing consulting firm that has changed the marketing paradigm. Forged with a formidable team of highly experienced and skilled marketing consultants, our Marketing Eye New York team looks to take things to the next level.

Marketing Eye aims to help small to medium sized business achieve real results. Small businesses stuck and stagnate in their old ways who seek to do something differently, but doesn’t have the slightest clue how to break free from the chains of mediocre branding or marketing, that’s where Marketing Eye comes in.

We like to shake things up

Here at Marketing Eye New York, we like shake things up. We have the insight and resources to help small to medium sized businesses stand out from the crowd. Sometimes a business just needs an extra set of ‘eye’s’ to move past their limited perception. By taking advantage of our knowledge and expertise from our driven marketing specialists, we have the ability to delve beneath the surface to discover what sets your brand apart from the others.

We provide end-to-end marketing strategies that align with your business plan effectively to communicate your brand’s unique value proposition to your clients and future prospects to help increase growth, sales performance and brand visibility.

We are equipped with experience  

Our committed team is equipped with an experienced marketing manager, supported by a complete team of marketing specialists who offer a unique service by providing a full in-house marketing management service to help you reach your sales and marketing goals.

At Marketing Eye New York, we are capable of executing all aspects of the marketing mix, including, branding, graphic design, public relations, social mediaweb development and digital marketing to communicate your brand’s unique value proposition to your clients. With a no outsourcing policy, we ensure all work done on your account will be completed by our team and no third-party mark-ups.

We have nothing to hide 

With no hidden costs or surprises, our Marketing Eye New York team can develop and execute a marketing strategy over a 12-month period for a value of $2500 per month. By working side-by-side with Marketing Eye New York, you can also benefit from:
  • A team of qualified and experienced marketing consultants dedicated to help you achieve your firm goals
  • Networking opportunities with other business owners
  • Advertisement through Marketing Eye’s business magazine that will be distributed to more than 10,000 business leaders
  • Promotion an online entrepreneur’s magazine on www.marketingeye.org
  • Marketing through different social media platforms through Marketing Eye; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blog and newsletter
  • Ongoing education in marketing and how your team can participate in growing your brand
And we have a few accolades to brag about:

  • Top 10 Technology Marketing company in New York
  • Top 100 Influencer in Entrepreneurship (globally) * Agilience
  • Top 250 Influencer in Public Relations (globally) * Agilience
  • 2 Marketer to follow on Twitter 
  • #57 Marketer to follow on any medium
  • Top 20 marketing blog
  • #1 Ranked marketing company online in Australia, Atlanta and New York 
  • Top 10 Content marketing solution providers 

Everyone needs a marketing eye

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