Lisa O'Keeffe


Owner, Licensee and Retail Marketing

Lisa O'Keeffe has 20 years’ experience in retail marketing in Australia. She has worked extensively developing marketing strategies and implementing campaigns across multiple marketing disciplines.  Initially establishing her retail expertise as Advertising Manager for Bunnings, Lisa then moved to form her own  successful marketing company, providing marketing strategies for over 100 retail businesses.

Lisa excels in evaluating the needs of a business and devises a new and innovative marketing strategy incorporating everything from TV, radio, direct marketing, digital ads, social media and more. Lisa understands the importance of ROI and knows how to execute a marketing strategy that will reach the target market, help create brand awareness and ultimately drive sales.

Lisa’s extensive success in the retail sector has come from her knowledge of the constantly changing market, working with many retailers in design and luxury goods, including Huelsta and Rolf Benz in Germany and the Tile Boutique group in Australia.

Lisa has a long established reputation of being ahead of the curve and with her team of marketers, incuding technology based marketing experts, she is able to help retail businesses audit existing marketing programs, and developing strategies that incorporate the importance of the digital landscape and ongoing content curation.

It is increasingly important that the marketing message needs to be customer centric to get traction – content has to be engaging, interesting and well delivered to be picked up and shared.

Digital marketing is an essential element in retail and Lisa has an in-depth knowledge of both online marketing and the data and analytics available to achieve personalisation across both offline and online channels.

Lisa also blogs regularly about tactics for marketing in todays’ retail landscape and speaks at events and conferences for SME’s.

If you would like to speak to Lisa O’Keeffe on how she can help your business reach your customers and achieve your sales goals, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!

LinkedIn: lisaokeeffe
Mobile: +61 419 916 083

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